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Everything starts with Community. With it, we struggle. Struggle to find support and struggle to thrive. Our Community is vibrant and with YOUR support and support from other Community members we can continue to build upon this great state and give it a true leader.


My family is my foundation. My support system and the reason why I am running for Congress. I want a better world for not only my family but every other family in Kentucky.


Education has played a key role in my life and in the the lives of many others. As a Community we grow with having the most up to date and best information available. It's why I've continued to educate myself through out the years and why I know now is the time to lead this great state.

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 From The Desk of Rich Van Dan

My Fellow Southern and Eastern Kentuckians,

  It is with deep gratitude and a humble heart I announce my preparations to run for Representative of the 5th Congressional District of Kentucky. We have been blessed for the last 40 years to have Representative Hal Rogers as our leader and guiding light- our giant in Washington, DC. He has fought tirelessly for our District, and the accomplishments of Representative Rogers could fill hundreds of newspapers. And, they have. I have learned from watching his example and would be deeply grateful for his mentorship as I hope to secure the future for our District for another 20 years.

As a former teacher, I believe strongly in learning from the wisdom of those who have gone before us. As a physician, I know the importance of listening to individuals and the necessity of bringing hope and healing to each one. And, as a business owner in Pulaski County and a Master of Business Administration, I know the importance of honesty and quality in all decisions. Finally, I know the greatness which resides in each heart; I know together we can face all uncertainty without fear. I have such vibrant hope for our bright future and know we can do so much good for Southern and Eastern Kentucky working together as a team.

The future does not belong to the faint of heart but to the brave. I am humbled by the overwhelming support of so many great leaders in our community, and it is my wish that each of you will share the excitement of being a part of a team that continues the legacy of hard work which precedes us. This is a defining moment for our community and for our country. I invite you to join me. Let us stand together on the shoulders of giants and gaze to the horizon, for I tell you the sun is rising high over the Appalachian Mountains and we shall witness a marvelous sight. My phone is always on, my door is always open, and my home is always Kentucky. Thank you for your support Pulaski. Thank you for joining me in something truly marvelous.

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Dr. Richard J Van Dam 

I am proud to be a Kentuckian, a Republican, a Christian, Husband, Father, Physician, and a leader in our Community. I know firsthand the impact of poverty. My family struggled as my father (a teacher) was our only income for a family of five. 

When I took the Hippocratic Oath, one of the oldest binding documents in history, I committed to bringing hope to every individual.  I will do the same for Eastern Kentucky.  It is the sacred duty of Physicians to treat sickness to the best of our ability, to preserve patient privacy, and to teach the secrets of medicine to the next generation. Most importantly, “primum non nocere”, “first, do no harm”.  Kentuckians are hurting; we can look around our communities and see so much need. I am asking each of you, in November 2022, give me the task and honor of being your 5th Congressional Representative for our beloved Eastern Kentucky. 

My Family

My family and I enjoy spending time together and with our golden retriever Daisy. We enjoy gardening, traveling, and working on home projects together.  We work together on community projects such as the Habitat for Humanity, COVID-19 food services for the elderly and disabled, Breast Cancer Awareness,  Autism Awareness, Mental Health Awareness , and various other programs throughout  the communities. 

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Jay McShurley
Attorney At Law

David and Matt Durham
Parker Agency

Sam Livesay Eubank Farmer

Sam Livesay
Eubank Farmer

Dr Christine Weyman

Dr. Christine Weyman,  Pediatrician

Ken Ford
Realtor and Developer

Eddie Russell  Professional Medical Supply Retired Fire Fighter

Darrell & Amberly Dicey Dicey Aviation

Pulaski County Teachers

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